When Metallica set out to create a themed branded identity for their 1st album in 5 years they wanted a huge visual impact. Because the music industry is in a huge flux these days the band realized it needed to approach this album in a more creative way. Turner Duckworth (who’ve worked with giants such as and Coca-Cola) were tapped for the challenge and the end result was nothing less than spectacular. Using strong iconography and branding it across everything from t-shirts and cell phone screens to the brilliant “cash kings” known as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Metallica was able to create a huge buzz that surrounded the album’s release helping it to sell nearly half a million albums in just 3 days.

Well, how does this translate to you and your business, you’re not a rock God and you don’t sell out arenas. Metallica just isn’t a band, it’s a business — bottom line. What this means to you is, big or small, you need to market your business and be ready to adapt with the change in climate. The challenges in the music industry inspired the band to step up and create something very unique and memorable. It’s no different for your business. Get inspired, market creatively and market often.