Where was I? I was sleeping like a baby without an ounce of shopping anxiety.

If you’ve ever waited tables, Black Friday traditionally is a lot like working at Sizzler on Mother’s day: lines out the door, crazy people, running out of product, a lot of apologies and my favorite — parking lot rage.

It’s not a fun day for employees or shoppers but it’s the day that kick-starts the holiday shopping season nonetheless.

With all of the in-store and pre-television/radio ads, Black Friday becomes one big blur of who is selling what and where and makes your head spin. People are getting up as early as 2 and 3 am to get to the stores — it’s really out-of-control.

Why wait until Cyber Monday?

This is why we think more advertising dollars should be pushing customers online earlier to help what many people feel the “holiday headache” has become inside of the retail stores especially on Black Friday.

Retail stores can help cut out 99% of the shopping frustration experience for the consumer on this big day. By tweaking their existing ads to focus more heavily on their .com retail, especially for the X & Y-gen computer agers who are just fine shopping from the comfort of their home, in their pajamas, while texting or IMing their BFF about the killer deal they found online.

This shift in advertising mentality could become a sympathetic move for the consumer that may help bolster company sales.

Running of the Bulls Circuit City Style

Yeah, this looks like tons of fun.