Microsoft’s Bing, the “decision engine” that wisely recognizes how overbearing thousands upon thousands of search results can be, has recently started incorporating people’s “likes” from sites like Facebook into their algorithm. In other words, they’re looking to see what we think is fun and important to decide what searchers might want to find.

Is this just a new trick, or the beginning of a new trend?
The early answer is that it’s probably a little bit of both. Given that most people give their thumbs up to fairly innocuous items like status dates, jokes, and humorous sayings, it’s difficult to see how compiling this information is going to make a sizable effect on the availability of information on the web.

On the other hand, what is important to notice is that, like Google and Yahoo, Bing has decided that social media content should be given more weight when it comes to deciding what results to show. With hundreds of millions of people joining social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn – and more than a third of them using these sites daily – there isn’t any reason to think that it is going to slow down anytime in the near future.

You might think that would be important news for those of us in the web design and Internet marketing industry, but if you have any kind of vested interest in helping your company succeed over the Internet, then it should matter to you, too. That’s because, as social media continues to pick up steam, the content you put to go with your profiles is going to become increasingly-important. To get the greatest effect, you’re going to have to start thinking of your bios, updates, and other material in the same way you would the content on your business website – as something that needs to be continually added and always optimized.

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