These ads should all all be titled “Yeah Just Like That.”

Yes, I’m a devote lamb following Apple every where they go, but aside from that, I have to share with you how creative I thought one of their most recent ads were for a product called Shazam. The last dozen or so TV ads have featured a theme song playing in the background just wallpaper music to accent the spot. Well Shazam is a very cool application (I can vouch for it — it works everywhere from the car to a Starbucks to a noisy restaurant — pretty amazing) that allows you to hold your iPhone up and out of thin air grab that song, see who the artist is, what the album and title are, buy it on the spot or, if available, watch the video on YouTube. Yeah just like that.

As the TV spot for iPhone is playing with their theme song in the background, they click the Shazam program and it grabs the theme Apple has been using all along from thin air. It was a commercial within a commercial with an unexpected creative reveal. Very very cool. View all apple ads here or check out the Shazam video below.