Sometimes, the best pieces of business or marketing advice are so simple that they almost seem obvious. In the case of today’s tip, it’s one that most of us know and recognize, but have trouble executing from time to time: keep your online videos as short as reasonably possible.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that you have to go out of your way to speak quickly or on your main points – potential customers will keep watching the video as long as they are hearing something they care about, or are learning how to improve their life or business. But at the same time, there are limits to the amount of time most people have, not to mention decreasing attention spans.

With that in mind, most five-minute marketing videos could be improved by turning them into three-minute videos, and most three-minute videos into two-minute clips. For one thing, the shorter timeframe forces a business owner marketing manager to be judicious with what he or she really wants to say. There isn’t time to throw in everything but the kitchen sink, and so I have to make the kinds of choices that lead to crisper, more compelling marketing pieces.

And then, there is the issue we have already mentioned: that a lot of people just aren’t going to sit still for longer than a couple of minutes to learn about what you have to offer. Go too far past that, and they might not stay tuned in to hear your main selling point or find out how to take the next step.

If you really want to make your online video sharper, and more effective, start by cutting down the amount of time it takes to watch them. You’ll be doing your clients a favor, to be sure, but you’ll also be helping your future sales at the same time.

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