Businesses of all sizes are quickly catching on to the fact that next-generation mobile devices aren’t going away anytime soon. With sales of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Droid leading the way at tens of millions each through the holiday season, it’s clear that users are continuing to look for ways to stay connected while they’re on the go – and that marketers will have to follow their lead.

But North Americans aren’t the only ones that can be reached through mobile devices. An interesting study by the investment bank J.P. Morgan recently concluded that the fastest-growing sector for mobile phones with Internet capability might not be in the US or Canada at all, but in parts of the developing world. Because the costs of traditional PCs are still relatively high there, new computer users – and especially young people – are flocking to mobile phones to get online.

What does this mean to you?
That depends a lot on how much of your business is comprised of overseas customers… or how much of it could be. If what you sell could even potentially be bought by the billions of people living in India, China, and South America, then it’s imperative that you start working on a mobile version of your business website today.

It would be hard for any company that wants to gain and interact with users online to ignore the fact that there are already more than 100 million Internet-ready mobile devices in use today. If the growth in that area hasn’t motivated you to get moving on one yet, however, then consider that they aren’t just the future here, but also around the world.

As wireless networks and mobile devices continue to get stronger, they are going to become a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. Will your company be ready, or trying to catch up to the trend after the fact?

Is your company taking advantage of the mobile Internet revolution? Effusion can help you turn this technology into a marketing tool, without breaking the bank.