If there is one thing nearly every business owner has learned how to do over the last few years of economic uncertainty, it’s how to get a little more from a little less. And yet, a surprising number of companies large and small make simple mistakes that stop them from getting the maximum impact from their online video marketing efforts.

Here are five simple things you can do to create a bigger impact with your video clips, and none of them will cost you a dime:

Include your url at the end.
Chances are, your video isn’t being produced for strictly entertainment purposes. Given that you would like viewers to actually visit your site and buy from you, why not ask them to do just that. Make sure your site is displayed prominently for at least a few seconds at the end of your online marketing video – you’ll greatly increase the number of visitors you would’ve gotten otherwise.

Optimize the title like you would a web page.
Your video can’t be seen if it isn’t found, so pay attention to the key words and phrases you put in the title. Try a few different combinations to see if you can find a phrase that uses lots of them without sounding too awkward.

Use your video editing software’s sound features.
Since you are marketing message should be as important as the visuals you are presenting, make sure they’re coming through loud and clear. It’s no use editing your video or adding effects if you can’t be heard, so spend time on the sound, not just the visuals.

Show multiple product shots and colors.
Often, the reasons people don’t buy doesn’t revolve around price or features, but the fact that they can’t be sure exactly what size your product is, or what a certain color might look like. Take away some of that uncertainty by including shots from different angles and with different colors or options.

Get some free expertise.
An easy way to skip all of these steps is by dropping by the video department of your local art school. Often, you can meet students who have had a great deal of instruction that still need clips for their portfolio. They might be willing to work on your online video for nothing, or close to it – a win for everyone involved.

Need to take your video marketing to the next level? Talk to the team at Effusion about adding some high-powered clips to your site.