For all the attention paid to search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other ways to boost the traffic you receive on your business website, there is surprisingly little written or said about how to turn a higher percentage of those visitors into actual customers.

Since increasing your sales rate is usually easier and more effective than getting more visitors, however – because you sell more to current and future shoppers – we would like to offer four tips for turning more viewers into buyers:

Make your product and landing pages more specific.
The more an online shopper feels like a page or product was designed especially for them, the more likely they are to decide to buy. Remember that, and try to group fewer items in categories and each section.

Hire a copywriter.
Just as you shouldn’t design your own e-commerce website, neither should you probably write your product descriptions or other sales copy. Instead, hire a professional who can put what you sell in the best light and compel shoppers to buy.

Leave fewer steps in the buying process.
If visitors to your site have to fill out a number of forms, click through to a lot of pages, or otherwise jump through hoops just to get what they want, you’re going to be losing some of them at every step. Make the buying process as simple as possible, and you’ll have fewer people abandoning their orders.

Show shipping and delivery dates before the final checkout.
One big reason people decide not to buy online is the fear that they won’t receive their purchase as quickly as they wanted or needed it. Remove the doubt from their mind by showing shipping cutoff times and estimated delivery dates before they approve their final order.

There is nothing wrong with trying to bring more people to your website to look around, but don’t neglect the simple steps you can take to have more of them place orders once they do. Converting shoppers into buyers is usually easier than gathering hits, and it’s almost always more effective.

If you want serous help turning your visitors into buyers, get in touch with Effusion today to find out what we can do for your business website.