Recently, we covered some of the major creative and web design trends that we expect to continue through the next year, and possibly a lot longer. Today, we want to keep that theme going with some great ideas that we’ve seen used well lately, in case you can use them to give your site and marketing materials a fresh look.

Here are four design and marketing trends to consider:

1. Bright colors. In recent years, a lot of companies have opted for an understated look. Now, though, bright colors are coming back in. That’s especially true for younger and smaller businesses, which can use bolder, brighter palettes to stand out and convey energy and enthusiasm.

2. Big text. Search engine optimization has made text so important that a lot of business websites are drowning in it. But, as much as you might like having customers find your pages, few people want to read long blocks of unbroken text. By making everything bigger, you add a great design element to your pages and make them feel lighter and easier for visitors to find what they need in them.

3. Oversized photos. In the same way, lots of designers have been guilty of trying to cram too much into pages in recent years, with the result being designs that seem crowded and unfocused. By using oversized photos (perhaps paired with big text), you make things easy for viewers, and let your very best ideas shine through.

4. Infinite scrolling. You may have noticed some of your favorite websites have switched to infinite scrolling recently, where moving down the page just keeps loading more and more fresh content. Naturally, you have to have lots of fantastic articles and/or images to make this work, but it can be a great tool for keeping visitors engaged and spending time on your site.

Could you put one of these web design and marketing trends to work for your company? Why not call Effusion, Arizona’s best web design team, and find out for yourself?