Until you have tried pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for yourself, it can seem a bit daunting to trust Google and the other major search engines to deliver new leads and sales directly to your virtual doorstep. After all, cyberspace is littered with companies that have wasted untold fortunes, on AdWords and elsewhere, because they didn’t understand how to get the most out of search marketing.

Still, Google AdWords offers the best chance, by far, for new advertisers to grow their businesses over the Internet. There are just four things you have to know and remember:

1. It’s effective.
The plain and simple truth is that tens of thousands of companies use AdWords for online advertising because it works. Whether you’re looking to bring in a few highly targeted visitors a day, or thousands from all over the globe, it would be hard to find a more efficient advertising medium, online or off.

2. AdWords works quickly.
It literally takes only moments to set up a new account, add keywords and marketing messages, and have your offers displaying to potential customers. Unlike a number of print ads, or even online affiliate programs, AdWords offers results with virtually no waiting.

3. It’s all about targeting.
The fact that AdWords can be set up quickly, however, shouldn’t be taken to mean that you can just throw anything online and expect to turn a profit. The real secret to AdWords is in researching your market, writing compelling ads, and then following up with strong landing pages. The more focused you can get on your buyers, the better return you’ll see on your investment over time.

4. Your AdWords campaigns become more profitable over time.
Speaking of time, the great thing about AdWords is that you’re likely to see a higher return for every week, month, and year you keep using it. That’s because you get better at finding the right customers and marketing messages, and customers come back to your site in higher numbers.

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